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An enterprise-grade multicloud resource optimization tool.

We help you achieve high cloud efficiency by abstracting away all the cloud APIs. You just focus on the actual usage.

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Why Cirrus Audit


Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Digital Ocean & Microsoft Azure. All under one roof.

Fast Loading

At Cirrus Audit we mean it when we say that we employ the latest technology on the backend. You'll experience the speed no other tool provides.


The development of Cirrus Audit was made with a security-first mindset at every level. Your credentials are safe in our platform.

Increases productivity

Cirrus Audit has a simple and beautiful interface that makes finding and managing your multicloud resources a breeze. Cirrus Audit saves you time with no training needed.

Easy to use

We abstract all provider's APIs to present consistent data to you. No matter if a resource is running in AWS or Azure, what you see on Cirrus Audit is always the same.

Find your assets

You are able to bookmark multiple resources on your Cirrus Audit Panel Dashboard, meaning fast and direct access to the resources you care the most. No matter the region, no matter the provider.

Join engineers all over the world using Cirrus Audit

Don't miss out and regain control on your multicloud ecosystem. Save time and increase your productivity with Cirrus Audit.

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